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Angelo and Tweaky are the true founders of Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga, for without them the shop would not exist. Short-haired half Apple Head/half Deer Chihuahua, they were brothers from two different litters.
Tweaky, the younger of the pair, crossed the rainbow bridge in August 2009 at the age of 13. He is deeply missed.

Tweaky and Angelo

Justine's pack of well-dressed small dogs include Chihuahuas Tony, Harry, and Tommy;
Pomeranian Dougall, Pom/Chi mix Fox, and Schnoodle Boo-Boo--and her kitty, Tiger.

Angelo is now a gray-haired senior. He moved to the Yucatan in Mexico with his family following Hurricane Katrina.
He lives there now with his six canine siblings, most of whom were rescued locally.

Angelo, Canela, Tad, and Mack

Lola and Angelo

Lola, Cary, and our puppy, Duke

This is Chico--father of Angelo and Tweaky