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Specialty shop for all the best in doggie style!

We get lots of photos from our satisfied customers. Here are just a few of the many lovely friends that we have made since 1998.
If you would like YOUR pet's photo to grace our pages, email us a picture of your pet wearing items you purchased from Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga.
info @ chiwawagaga.com

Also submit photos of your well-dressed pets to:http://petsinclothes.com/
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Abby is a POMERANIAN. She is a full grown dog.
This is a small breed of dog, and she happened to be the runt of the litter.
She enjoys dressing up in outfits from Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga.
For more information on Pomeranians, please search the internet.
Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga does not sell animals.
We do have a Breeder's Links page.
ABBY SPEAKS: Hi, I'm Abby Corona, the cutest and smallest Pomeranian I know of!!
I'm an adult (born 12/23/01), and I weigh in at exactly 2.5 pounds of fluff. I was born in Theodore, Alabama, the runt of a litter of three - my brother and sister are between 3-5 pounds. Mom says I am very sweet natured, and not yippy or unruly like some other Poms she knew.

My Mom and Dad and I do EVERYTHING together. I go to fairs, shopping malls and doggie stores, and sometimes we go where I'm not supposed to be so I just get down in my Mom's purse and no one knows I'm there!! I've even eaten at Galatoire's (fancy, huh?) and gone to a movie or two, but my favorite shop is Chi-wa-wa Ga-Ga in New Olreans. All of my nice outfits come from there and they make me soooo cute! No one can pass by without doing a double take and coming over to pet me. Naturally, I just eat this up!

I love dressing up and posing, and will smile for the camera without even being told to!!
Sometimes I even get a treat!

If you want to see more photos of me, you can go to: this link

Have a nice day and remember to bring home treats to your pets!!