Return Authorization Form

Please note: This form must be complete in order for it to be processed.  Should we have any questions regarding this return we will contact you via phone or e-mail.  All items for return must be in unused, saleable condition; clean and free of hair and odor.  Please understand that we are a small store and some items may be out of stock.  We will contact you regarding this and offer you options or inform you regarding when we will have the items you request.  
Mail item(s) securely packaged via a trackable method for return/exchange with this form to:
Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga
511 Dumaine Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116
In-store purchase______
Online purchase________    Original order #_____________________
Return shipping address: ______________________________
Contact phone number:   _______________________
E-mail address: __________________________________
Who bought the item(s):        Self____ Your name:___________________
Is this an Exchange___
How was this item paid for:     
   Cash______ Credit/Debit Card____  Visa____ M/C____ Am Ex____ Discover____  Other(specify)__________ 
Card Number_____________________________ Expiration Date______
Number of items for return: _________
Reason for return/exchange: _______________________________________________________________________
Please give a BRIEF description of what you would like the item(s) exchanged for and any other color/pattern options, should you have any.
Breed: _________________    Age: ___________  Weight: _________
Measurement in inches:  Neck: ________  Chest: ________
Length from base of neck to base of tail: _____________